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Review | Never Can Tell (Tasting Never, #4) by C.M. Stunich

Never Can Tell (Tasting Never, #4) by C.M. Stunich
New Adult Romance Published June 27, 2013
Sarian Royal

Synopsis from Goodreads:
"This is love. It's that simple."
Some stories are Never finished being told. After all, we're all victims of heartache and strife at some point. Maybe I'm a little more susceptible to both, but I've got an ace up my sleeve. I've got Ty McCabe. He's helped me survive a lot. More than I ever thought possible. We've come a long way together, but we can't stop now. What's that old saying? Don't rest on your laurels? Well, I'm not resting and neither is he. Life didn't even give us that option. We've got problems. Big ones. Let's see if we can do this, survive the downs and get back to the ups. Guess only time will tell.
“...We're just one. Just one, f*cking, twisted bit of soul in love.”

What I Think…
I should probably mention that before reading this, I was already a huge fan of C.M. Stunich. However, of all that I have read from her, this novel takes the cake for my favorite! It is eloquently written, in the typical C.M. Stunich fashion, and I couldn’t put it down!  Besides being an overall good book, its content is what honestly hooked me. It was…..real. Stunich isn’t afraid to write ab out those “hot topics” everyone feels the need to hide, which I respect. Coming from someone with experience, this novel hit a home run.

With this story, Ty and Never face being new parents, being away from home, and trying to adjust to having a normal, American life. Never’s biggest battle is with herself and her ability to be a good mother. Since her mother wasn’t so stellar, she feels that she doesn’t deserve this new found happiness. In not so many words, Never is dealing with postpartum depression. She loves Ty un-conditionally and strives to make him happy but is afraid of Noah, her son. I can’t express how heart-wrenching it is to see her inner devils come out and ruin her self-esteem.
“I don’t feel like I deserve this perfect, fairytale ending. I want it, but I still don’t believe that it’s something Never Ross should be blessed with.” {Never}
While Never battles her demons, Ty is there to pick up all the slack. He transforms into this devoted, doting husband and father that makes your heart melt. There is nothing more beautiful then to watch a man interact lovingly with his wife and child. Ty too has his own darkness he faces, but he doesn’t let them get in his way of moving forward. When he and Never move back home to Never’s family, things take a left turn and their love is tested. How far can one family be pushed before they break?

Again, if you’ve never read anything by Stunich, I highly recommend this series. It takes two broken and battered individuals and guides them towards their love story through life’s many adventures. It just wouldn’t have a happy ending if there wasn’t a little sadness to go along with it.


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