Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Wrap Up #11

Here is a quick look at what happened here on the blog this week.

As you can see there wasn't much going on around here this past week!  I have more stuff going on this coming week though so I should have a pretty full week of posts. 

Here is what is coming up along with my regular weekly posts:
  • Lancaster House Promo and Giveaway
  • Pulled Blog Tour
  • at least one more review...
Also since it's the start of a new month I wanted to do a re-cap of the books I read in August.  I know that it was way less than what I have read pretty much every other month this year though!

My goal for September is to read at least 2 more books than I did in August.  I am still adjusting to my schedule and now my husband is currently not working so he is home nights now and that's wreaking a little more havoc for me.  I am used to him being gone nights and that's when I did most of my reading.  I will work it out though and try to stay caught up as much as I can!

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