Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #2

I got some great books this week so I am going to go ahead and share them since I am so excited!  You may have noticed that I have changed from "In My Mailbox" to "Stacking the Shelves".  It was just a personal decision to change it, it's essentially the same thing.

So here is a shot I took of the print books I got this week.  Not all of these are for review so I will break them down for you.  

This is my first ever Goodreads Giveaway win!  It's also a signed copy!

This one I received for review from the author Taylor Dean.

These three I just bought from Amazon.  I have read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter but I just wanted it on my shelf!  I have read great things about The Taken and that cover just looks very nice.  The other one was bought on a whim when I was looking so I hope it's good!

I got one Kindle book for review this week.  I will have a post about this one as part of a blog tour coming up in a bit.

Here are the books I got for my Kindle this week, they are not specifically for review, but I am sure you will see my reviews for them when I get a chance to read them!

So what books did you get this week?  Did you get any of the same ones I did?  What are you most excited to read?


  1. LOVE your Kindle picks - can't wait to get my hands on those as well. :) And YAY on the Goodreads giveaway. *high five*

    Also, Ms. Shelly - you need a button so I can put it on my page! Hubs just finished mine, take a peak if you'd like.

    1. I keep thinking that I need to make one...I will have to work on that this week!


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