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New Release Review | Stepbrother Thief by Violet Blaze

Stepbrother Thief by Violet Blaze
Published by Sarian Royal on January 15th, 2016

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Synopsis from Amazon:

Thirty minutes ago, my stepbrother pulled off one of the biggest jewelry heists in history—and I helped him do it. 

Now we're on the run, and I don't know what to think. 
He says he'll protect me no matter what, but I'm not sure if I should believe him. 
After all, we tried that once and it did not turn out well for either of us. 
Besides, his father raised us both after my mother passed away. 
Gill can be lots of things to me, but he can't be my lover. 

Not again. 

When I turned twenty-one, he disappeared. Just disappeared without a word. 
Over a decade later, and now he's back and more ruthless than ever. 
He says the right things, does the right things, but the truth is … 
I'm afraid of him. 
I'm afraid for him. 

What I thought….

Oh my goodness, where to begin?? As always, when Violet Blaze promotes a new novel, I jump on it as soon as it is released. This was no different with Stepbrother Thief. I was so excited for new material and like always, Blaze does not disappoint.

Gill captivated from the very first page; with his demanding demeanor and his rough calloused outer shell, I was a gone girl. Something though that I appreciated about the novel was that Gill’s character wasn’t immediately revealed. You really had to invest yourself into the story to truely understand Gill and what motivated him. As much as he wants Regi to stay at a distance, he’s pulled to her. After he left her, engaged and alone in Paris, he never thought they would be paired up once again, this time, stealing diamonds.

“Gill is….he’s too big to be contained, too explosive, too unpredictable. He’s a lion that can’t be kept in a cage.” - Regi
Regi is resilient, I’ll give her that. After watching cancer take her mother and being carted off to Paris with a step-father she barely knows, she’s been through the ringer. Then, after loosing the one man who meant the most to her, she still battles on. After what seems like forever, Regi is finally comfortable with life. Her step-father is more like a father to her and better to her than anyone else could ever be. Plus, she gained a half-sibling along the way. What more could she want? Yet, when Gill waltzes back into their lives, it’s like she’s thrown into the eye of a hurricane. Not only do old feelings resurface, but the real truth comes out. It takes everything for our beautiful girl to keep it together.
“I feel like I’ve spent a decade being eternally thirsty and now I’m drowning, drowning in him and his smell and the way his mouth always tastes bright and fresh like citrus.” - Regi
Again, if you’ve never read anything by Violet Blaze, pick it up! Her characters are diverse, her novels well-written, and her stories captivating. I’m giving Stepbrother Thief a solid 5 stars!

Victoria ♥

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