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To Tame the Wind by Regan Walker
Historical Romance published May 9, 2015
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Synopsis from Goodreads:

“A sea adventure like no other, a riveting romance!” 
– NY Times Bestselling author Shirlee Busbee


All Claire Donet knew was the world inside the convent walls in Saint-Denis. She had no idea her beloved papa was a pirate. But when he seized Simon Powell's schooner, the English privateer decided to take the one thing his enemy held most dear... her.


The waters between France and England roil with the clashes of Claire's father and her captor as the last year of the American Revolution rages on the sea, spies lurk in Paris and Claire’s passion for the English captain rises.

This is the prequel to the Agents of the Crown trilogy but can be read as a stand alone.
My Thoughts...
This way my first Regan Walker book, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it.  There was a time, close to 15 years ago or more that the only books I read were historical romance.  I devoured them like they were going out of style for several years until I stumbled upon Nora Roberts' Irish trilogies and was introduced to paranormal/supernatural romance.  It's literally been years since I read a book like this one.

This book starts out when Claire is only about 16. She is living in a convent school and it's clear from this opening scene that she isn't cut out for the convent lifestyle.  She is a wild child who decides to "crash" a masquerade ball late one evening.  This is where she gets her first glimpse of "The Golden Eagle".  He's beautiful and Claire isn't the only woman who thinks so since he's in the process of seducing another party guest when Claire loses her footing and quite literally "crashes their party".  She's mortified as she races back to the convent with Elise, a younger girl who followed her, in tow.

Fast Forward 2 years and a now 18 year old Claire is a completely different woman.  She is planning to join the order and become a nun when she receives word that her father has arranged for her to marry.  Meanwhile Simon, Claire's Golden Eagle has had one of his ships taken into custody by none other than Claire's father who is also a pirate turned privateer.  They are on opposite sides of the war. To retaliate Simon kidnaps Claire from the convent in the middle of the night and takes her aboard his ship The Fairwinds while he attempts to regain his other ship and it's crew.

They travel from Paris to London and back again over land and sea.  Claire makes friends aboard the ship as well as in each place they spend any amount of time.  She comes to learn that she is her own person capable of making the decisions that are right for her.  She falls in love with Simon and he with her so they have to find a way to make their relationship work in a time where women aren't necessarily allowed to make these choices themselves.

I thought that this was a great story and it had all the elements needed to make is a page-turner for me.  This is not the last book by Regan Walker that I will be reading for sure.  If you like a good Historical Romance then I highly recommend picking this one up.

XOXO, Shelly

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*


Bestselling author Regan Walker loved to write stories as a child, particularly those about adventure-loving girls, but by the time she got to college more serious pursuits took priority. One of her professors encouraged her to pursue the profession of law, which she did. Years of serving clients in private practice and several stints in high levels of government gave her a love of international travel and a feel for the demands of the “Crown” on its subjects. Hence her romance novels often involve a demanding sovereign who taps his subjects for “special assignments.” And in each of her novels, there is always real history and real historic figures. Regan lives in San Diego with her golden retriever, Link, whom she says inspires her every day to relax and smell the roses. For more information please visit Regan Walker’s website and blog. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.


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