Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yes, I have a problem!! It's a BIG Book Haul post...

We all know that I haven't been reading as much as I used to because of school, work, etc...but I don't let that stop me from buying more books!  Here are just a few of the books I have acquired recently.

These are my most recently purchased.  The stack on the right is for my classes in the fall.  I still need to buy 2-3 more Shakespeare plays, but I am having a hard time finding them for a decent price.

This is just a mixture of books for school, review books and others I bought from either or my local used bookstore.  A couple may be bargain books from BAM.

This was a BAM purchase for class (the Poe book) that I ended up not even needing for the paper I was writing, but I love Poe so I wanted that anyway.  I also decided that I needed to read Jane Eyre because Victoria loves it so much!  I still haven't read it though...big surprise, I know!

This one is just random!  I have been buying up all the Brandon Sanderson I can find, I need more classics on my shelves and I LOVE a good fantasy read.  I got these with an Amazon GC from a very sweet friend.  She gives me one for my birthday every year.

More classics from various used book stores.  Now I am just buying Shakespeare in different editions because of the class I am taking next semester.  In British Lit in the spring we read Titus Andronicus and I LOVED it, so I decided I needed more!

Another Amazon order...more classics, some Brandon Sanderson and I am slowly buying The Bronze Horseman series!

Last one!  This is a collective week or two haul photo.  Some are from, some from BAM bargain shelves and a could of review books, but most are from my local used bookstore.  I got all of the Eli Monpress series for $1 each and I picked up all those books on the far right for 4/$1.  I think I got nearly all of the rest of Charlaine Harris' books and I am slowly re-collecting the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind.  I had the first 6-7 years ago, but I gave them to a friend when I got my kindle and have since decided that I need them again!

I know that there are SO many more that I have added to my shelves since I last posted a haul, but there is just no way to backtrack that far!  I will keep this up to date from here on out.  Suffice to say, I now have close to 300 books or more on my unread shelves at this point!

If you have read any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts on it/them.

Until next time...

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