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Keep Dancing by Leslie Wells
New Adult Romance published February 9, 2015
Percambio Press
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Synopsis from Goodreads

Julia is a young book editor on the rise. Jack is a British rock star at the pinnacle of his fame. 
Can they both get what they want—when what they need threatens to tear them apart? 
It’s January, 1982. Twenty-four-year-old Julia Nash has just moved in with her boyfriend, rock and roll guitarist extraordinaire Jack Kipling. Their connection deepens as Jack takes her to England to meet his intimidating mother, and afterwards to a private Caribbean island for a sensual retreat. 
But back in New York City, they hit a turbulent patch. Julia is in the running for a new job, while Jack prepares for a thirty-city tour and butts heads with the band’s lead singer. Things get more chaotic when Jack’s six-year-old nephew comes for a visit, Julia makes a disastrous attempt at cooking, and a new puppy wreaks havoc in the penthouse. Although free-spirited Jack likes to keep things loose, he craves more support on the home front. But Julia isn’t sure if she can ever be a domestic goddess—or if her wild boyfriend can ever be domesticated. 
On tour, Julia experiences the glittering excesses of private jets, mind-blowing concerts, shocking hotel room antics, and screaming headlines. Back home, she has to decide if their relationship can withstand the ravages of fame and conflicting interests—not to mention a suave bestselling author who seems to like more than her grammar sense. And when her long-lost father resurfaces, the bookish young woman must choose whether to listen to her heart, or to her head. 
Hilarious, entertaining and steamy, Keep Dancing will delight brand-new readers as a stand-alone novel, and serves up even more of what fans raved about in Come Dancing, the first book about Jack and Julia. 
My Thoughts...
I read this book in one day, practically in on sitting.  If you have read the first one and you are looking for a quick summer read then I suggest picking this one up.  I actually think I liked this one more than the first one.  I think it's because I already know the characters and I am accustomed to the time period so it's not as big an adjustment.

This is a continuation of the last book, but actually take up immediately after the novella Dancing With Mistletoe. The novella is just a little Christmas snapshot really, but it was worth the read for sure.  The band is getting ready to go on a big tour, but before they do Jack is taking Julia to meet his family in Britain and then on a vacation in the Caribbean.  As with all new relationships, meeting the parents, or in this case the mother, can be a bit intimidating.  Maggie, Jack's mom doesn't go easy on Julia either.  This visit brings up the issue of children and it's something that continues to be an issue for Jack and Julia throughout the course of the book.

We get more of the excess of the rock star lifestyle in the 80's with the abundance of drinking, drugs, groupies, etc...  All of this put even more strain on their relationship when Jack goes on tour and Julia stays behind to work at a new Publishing house.  She's working closely with an author that Jack doesn't approve of and when she misses a big moment because of work, Jack is devastated and their relationship pays the price.

In addition to the relationship issues there is the reemergence of Julia's father whom she hasn't seen in 10 years.  She has to deal with the consequences of that and also the realization that her mother hasn't exactly been honest with her for a big part of her life.  So, lots of things going on in this story, but there are a lot of happy times and rooting for Jack and Julia as they face all these things that are thrown at them.

I don't know if this is that last in this series, but I really enjoyed it and I will most definitely read more if Ms. Wells writes more about Jack and Julia.  This would be considered Adult Romance so there are some steamy love scenes, but honestly they aren't nearly as descriptive as what I've become accustomed to with Adult books.

XOXO, Shelly

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*

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