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Blog Tour Review | "Seldom Come By" by Sherryl Caulfield

Please join Sherryl Caulfield as she tours the blogosphere for Seldom Come By, the first book in her Iceberg Trilogy, from November 24-December 13, and enter to win an eBook or Autographed copy!

Publication Date: December 10, 2013
Cedar Pocket Publishing
Formats: eBook, Paperback
Pages: 490
Series: Iceberg Trilogy
Genre: Historical Fiction

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Two years after the sinking of the Titanic, fifteen year-old Rebecca Crowe’s fascination with icebergs leads her to save a shipwrecked survivor, Samuel Dalton, the nineteen-year old son of a Toronto medical family.

Love sparks in the crystal cave of an iceberg but is thwarted by an unreasonable father and the Great War that drags Samuel and his brother, Matthew, to the Western Front as medical officers. Knowing Rebecca is home and safe in Newfoundland brings Samuel great comfort. But as the war moves towards its final harrowing days, they both discover that tragedy and terror can strike anywhere, setting their love on an unforeseen path.

Only when Samuel and Rebecca can fully come to terms with such devastating loss and their impossible choices can their love soar. With an emotional intensity reminiscent of The Bronze Horseman, Seldom Come By, named after an actual place in Newfoundland, is an unforgettable journey across waves and time and the full spectrum of human emotions.

My Review...

I just finished this book about an hour ago and I quite enjoyed it.  It is a fairly lengthy read, but I took advantage of the extra time I have on my holiday break to sit down with it and really dig in.  I ended up reading the book in just 3 sittings.   This story is an epic love story that spans over 25 years.  Most of the story takes place in smallish chunks of time and the rest spans the years with mention of only the big moments or events.  That makes no sense really when I re-read it, but if you've read the book you will understand!  

Rebecca and Samuel meet by chance when she saves his life after the boat he is travelling on is shipwrecked somewhere off the cost of Newfoundland.  She is nearly 15 and he is 19 at the time.  They fall in love over the course of the summer that he is recovering in the home of her family.  It's not long before he is saying goodbye to return to his family in Canada.  They don't see each other for nearly 3 years, but the love they have grows stronger even though they are apart.  They reunite briefly and make plans for the future, plans that are thwarted by her overbearing father.  When Samuel returns home he almost immediately ends up with his brother Matthew on the Western Front of the war.  It's another year again before they see each other again and those years are full of turmoil and the most unimaginable loss.  

This book will most definitely take you on a journey.  I was caught up in the story from the very first chapter.  I will have to say that there were sections of it that I did skim read.  There were parts that I didn't think were completely necessary to the story, but I do see why she added them.  Overall, I really enjoyed the book.  I felt like the characters were very well developed and I came to care very deeply for Rebecca and Samuel.

If you like historical romance then I completely recommend this book.  It's an adult read so there are lightly descriptive love scenes, although they are very tastefully written and there is no profanity in the book whatsoever.

XOXO, Shelly
*Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.*

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Praise for Seldom Come By

“Seldom Come By is a haunting love story set against the windswept coast of Newfoundland. The story draws you in from the opening lines and takes you on a compelling journey across time and continents, through love, loss, heartache and healing. It is a beautiful and memorable story — a great accomplishment and a wonderful read.” – Julie Fison, Australia

“A wholly engaging read that wraps you up in another world. The story of how Samuel and Rebecca met and fell in love will always stay with me — and leaves me feeling as if I have already visited Newfoundland.” – Carolyn Wood, New Zealand

“If you love deep, epic, romantic stories this is one for you.” – Jeannie Zelos, United Kingdom

“Historical fiction is by far my favorite genre and this book captures the elements perfectly. An engaging, strong heroine, a dashing, honorable stranger, a brutal daily life existence in Newfoundland set during WWI. The story and characters are made more rich by the superb writing. I look forward to reading more from this author.” – Diane Tyson, USA

“This book was a real treat to read. By 30% in I was completely invested in the characters. The strength, passion and adversity that the couple have to endure are reminiscent of The Bronze Horseman, but beyond that, Rebecca and Samuel find their own way of handling things. I have already found myself recommending this book to others that have loved The Bronze Horseman. I do believe that if you enjoy an epic love story, this will make a fine reading suggestion.” – Karen Scott, Canada

About the Author

Australian-born Sherryl Caulfield is a marketer, writer and traveller. After twenty years working for some of the world’s leading technology brands and a stint with Outward Bound, she longed to write about the human experience and the redemptive qualities of nature.

In 2006, haunted by an encounter with a woman she met in Canada, Sherryl started what has now become known as The Iceberg Trilogy. From her home in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, she distilled the lives of three generations of women – Rebecca, Evangeline and Lindsay – over the course of a century. In the telling of their stories she crafted a series rich in landscapes – of sea, land and the human soul.

For more information please visit Sherryl Caulfield's website. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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