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Review | "Unteachable" by Leah Raeder

Unteachable by Leah Raeder
New Adult Romance published March 24, 2014
Atria Books
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Synopsis from Goodreads

Maise O’Malley just turned eighteen, but she’s felt like a grown-up her entire life. The summer before senior year, she has plans: get into a great film school, convince her mom to go into rehab, and absolutely do not, under any circumstances, screw up her own future.

But life has a way of throwing her plans into free-fall.

When Maise meets Evan at a carnival one night, their chemistry is immediate, intense, and short-lived. Which is exactly how she likes it: no strings. But afterward, she can’t get Evan out of her head. He’s taught her that a hookup can be something more. It can be an unexpected connection with someone who truly understands her. Someone who sees beyond her bravado to the scared but strong girl inside.

That someone turns out to be her new film class teacher, Mr. Evan Wilke.

Maise and Evan resolve to keep their hands off each other, but the attraction is too much to bear. Together, they’re real and genuine; apart, they’re just actors playing their parts for everyone else. And their masks are slipping. People start to notice. Rumors fly. When the truth comes to light in a shocking way, they may learn they were just playing parts for each other, too.

Smart, sexy, and provocative, Unteachable is about what happens when a love story goes off-script.
My Thoughts...
I am going to keep this review pretty short.  The reason being that I still have no idea how to really review this book.  I finished it yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it for sure.  On one hand the writing is really beautiful.  Leah Raeder has a wonderful way with words, there is no doubt about that.  On the other hand, while I like a well done teacher/student romance, this one was a little weird for me.  

For me, personally, there are ways to handle this type of relationship without it being yucky.  She hit it right with them meeting before, similar to Slammed and Pretty Little Liars.  The part that bothered me most was his age, he was way too old for me to be comfortable with what they were doing.  I think that maybe if he'd been just out of school or even in his mid 20's, I wouldn't have minded so much.  I was also put off by Maise's attitude and her nasty mouth.  She was very grown up for her age, but her constant swearing was a little much for my.  Maise is technically "of age", but that doesn't matter in most states.  

I don't really know how to feel about this story.  There were things that worked and things that were totally weird for me.  I like a good steamy romance novel, to be sure, but there is way more descriptive sex in this book than what was needed and maybe that's why I didn't like it like as much as I thought I would.

So, while I did enjoy the writing style immensely, I did have some iffy feelings about the overall story line.  If you have issues with teacher/student relationships then you will not want to read this book. 

XOXO, Shelly

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*

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