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Review | "I'm With You" by Taylor Dean

I'm With You by Taylor Dean
Contemporary Romance published April 15, 2014
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Synopsis from Goodreads

Can three little words irrevocably change your life? 

When the doctors inform Chloe Brennan that her pregnancy is “incompatible with life,” her subsequent choices will change her path forever. 
She becomes one of the quiet, unsung heroes of this world, incredibly strong, yet somehow wrongly looked upon as damaged. 
Three people will pierce Chloe’s existence: her husband, a stranger, and a precious baby. 
One will say goodbye, one will say hello, and one will say both at the same time. 
I’m With You is a novel about selfless love and the sacredness of life. 
Please note: While this book is a romance novel, it also deals with the sensitive issue of baby loss grief. 
The emotions are real, and sometimes dark. 
If you are sensitive to this issue, this may not be the book for you.
My Thoughts...
It took me some time to pick this book up and for that I apologize, but once I did it was a one sitting read for me.  I literally read it cover to cover without stopping.  I was up until 1am, but I couldn't put it down!  Taylor Dean has once again hit one out of the park for me.

There is no doubt that this is a heart wrenching story, so be prepared to cry some ugly tears when you read this book.  I will say from the start that this isn't a story that I relate to so in the beginning it was a little hard for me to connect with Chloe.  Because of that I liked Jack even more.  He was so sympathetic to her situation without ever going through it himself, something I wasn't able to do at first.  This story messed with my emotions and with my head at times.

I was so angry when Chloe's husband left her, angry that he could just pack his things and go.  Then I was angry when Jack showed up, but it didn't take long and I fell for Jack just like Chloe did.  They have a wonderful relationship built on a solid friendship.  He is there for her when everyone else has left her because she can't seem to just move on with her life.  They don't understand, I didn't understand, how she could let something like this stall her life completely.  Then as she slowly starts to open up to Jack we start to realize just how devastating a loss like this can be.  He stands there beside her quietly urging her to start to live again and we start to root for them as well.  

It's so hard to review a book like this because of the emotion involved in reading it.  I can only imagine what Taylor must have went through while writing it.  I want to commend her for turning an event that could only have been devastating for a family and turning it into a wonderful and heart felt story.  A story that teaches us all that horrible things happen and they are things that have to mean something. Sometimes those things lead us to the things we are meant to have, to the lives we are meant to live.  In this case the children we were meant to raise and tell our stories to.

Despite the emotion, and ugly crying I did while reading this book, I think it's my favorite of Taylor's books yet.  If you haven't picked up one of her books, you need to do so right away!

XOXO, Shelly

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for my honest review.*

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  1. Thank you so much for a beautiful review, Shelly. Much appreciated. It's a hard topic to write about and a hard topic to read about. It was therapeutic for me to write about it. I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my chest as I completed the novel. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I felt it was important to share the complicated emotions of baby loss grief. As you said, unless you've been through it, it's hard to relate to the overwhelming grief that accompanies baby loss.
    So glad you loved it. Thanks again for reading and reviewing I'm With You.


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