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Review | "Theirs to Keep" by Maya Banks

Theirs to Keep by Maya Banks
Adult Fiction published July 19, 2012
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Synopsis from Goodreads:

When Cade Walker and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store, they know they can’t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her. Merrick is training for the title shot in the heavyweight division as a mixed martial artist and can’t afford distractions, but neither can he turn his back on the woman who tugs at his heartstrings. Elle feels safe with her two protectors, and the longer she spends with them, the more she realizes that she has no desire to remember her past. Not when it could compromise her future with Cade and Merrick. Cade has his own set of issues when it comes to Elle, and it quickly becomes clear to the two men that for the first time in their friendship, a woman is coming between them. But what if they just kept her there? Between them. Where she belongs.
My Thoughts...
I have pretty much loved all of Maya's books that I have read so when I was approached by a publicist to read this one I immediately said yes.  Looking back I probably should have looked into it a little more before saying yes.  I will say though, that the synopsis is somewhat misleading.  I was reading it as a love triangle, but you have to read that last little bit of the blurb "But what if they just kept her there? Between them. Where she belongs"  very carefully.  This is not a love triangle story, this is the story of one woman in love with 2 men, both men are so in love with her that they decide to share her and she's totally down with that.

So, this review is just going to be a pretty short one because I didn't care for the book so much.  Not because it's wasn't up to what I expect of Maya's writing, it was.  I just didn't care for the menage storyline, it's not something I care to read.   

Cade and Merrick are completely what I have come to love about Maya Banks male characters.  They are grown men who know what they want from their lives, their careers and they are HOT which is always a good thing!  They are room mates and they are also business partners who run a small security firm.  Merrick is also a MMA fighter training for a title.  They run a break-in job and find a woman who's obviously been through some trauma.  She doesn't know who she is or where she came from, but she knows that they saved her and she doesn't want to be parted from them.

Essentially they take her into their home and try to help her to find out who she is and what happened to her.  All the while they are both falling in love with her and she with them.  There are some love scenes in this book, but not many and they don't occur till we are well into the story.  They aren't hasty to jump into bed by any means, so it's hard for me to classify this as erotica.  There is an actual story line here and all three characters have some pretty in depth conversations before they take the relationship to that point.

This is the first of a trilogy and while I did like some aspects of the story, the whole menage theme turned me off.  So much so that I don't know that I will continue on with the series.  Like I said it's not my cup of tea if you will.  I know that it's been pretty well received, though, judging by the reviews on Goodreads.

XOXO, Shelly

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*

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