Monday, April 1, 2013

March Reading Wrap Up

Well another month has come and gone and for me another birthday has as well.  This is my last year in my 30's and I have to say that I still don't feel like I am almost 40!  I am, however, going to make this an awesome year.  I have a lot of goals that I want to reach before I turn 40 and it all starts now.

As far as reading goes, I managed to read 12 books in March.  It would have been more but I decided to buckle down and actually read ALL of A Clash of Kings (book 2 of the Game of Thrones or Song of Fire and Ice Series).  I started it last year and never made it past the first 3-4 chapters, but now I am about 25% in and I am not going to read anything else until I finish it!  I did take one to read Lover at Last, but I almost wish now that I hadn't.  I will have to talk about that book on another day...

Here is a look at what I read in March

My review pile was getting pretty small, but I got some pretty good books this week so I went ahead and took a picture of it.

Once I get my current book done I will be making a pretty good dent in this pile!  I have a couple in there that I have had for a little while and I have to get them read and reviewed.  SO many good books and SO little time!  Keep a look out because I have a lot of good reviews coming up and I have some giveaways so you will want to be sure to enter to win!

Happy Reading!

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