Friday, November 16, 2012

{Dive} Under the Cover is MOVING!!

Technically, I have already moved, but we wanted to make sure to work out all the kinks before we took the new blog live.

My friend Heather of {House} of A La Mode invited me to collaborate with her on a new venture.  Basically we took her current blog, which was a mostly sewing blog, and expanded it to include all the things we dearly love.  Not the least of which is reading really great books!

{Dive} Under The Cover will be in The Library section and I will still be posting the same caliber reviews that I have been since I started this blog.  The main difference is that there will be sections on Sewing, Cooking and Entertainment.  Heather and I will be the main contributors, but I am sure from time to time we will have guests posting on a variety of topics.

This blog will no longer be used and I am really hoping that my followers will go over there and follow us on GFC or however you follow me currently.  All of my content is over there and it will be as easily accessible as it is here.  I have a little work to do to connect all my review links back up, but I will get it all back up as soon as possible.

I can still be reached at the same email address and Twitter and for the time being I will be keeping the same FB page.  The only thing that will change is the location of the blog and the fact my blog name is in the sub-heading of the new blog. You will still be able to find me by typing

The one main thing that will change is that my review post will be reaching a much wider audience.  That is a very good thing for the authors and publishers of the books that I review.

I really hope that I will see you over on the new blog.  Stop by and leave a comment that you followed the new blog!  I am going to set up a giveaway on Monday so you will want to make sure you get notified of that!

One more is the link to where all my posts will be from this point on!

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